Even the federal government likes our cost reduction strategy: http://bit.ly/1tpg7Wn

 Our Core Values:

  • Choice
  • Justice
  • Co-prosperity
Good on you for joining our cause.
Think Telus is giving you the BEST Value??  Did YOUR Business make $110 Million in NET Profits last quarter? If you are paying Telus for your services, you helped Telus make about $110 MILLION in the LAST 3 months… In profit! Check out this 2013 Quarterly Report from Telus: http://bit.ly/17CaE6S  or http://bit.ly/1htLBWd
No seriously! Click on it and prepare to be amazed. Robin Hood Telecom will get some of that $110 million back into YOUR Bank account with minimal time investment on your behalf… When we save the client on phone bill reductions… the client chooses a plan from four different plans. 
Our RobinHoodTelecom PLAN IS 6 months saving fee and the client saves 100% thereon.
Offer: Come, share, prosper. Show to us your telecom expenses and we will take back what is yours. AND it’s always free to you. Over $17 million returned to Small Business Owners like you so far.

As mentioned, we are committed to negotiating substantial ongoing savings as part of our ‘Robin Hood’ campaign.
We ask your permission to proceed.. We will use our special knowledge, strategies and expertise to go the extra mile on your behalf. We have helped others save thousands of dollars annually, without changing services, your carrier, current plans or any other component..  We may however seek to obtain extra services, features, allowances, or long distance bundles for zero additional fees or obligation.
This process costs you nothing! The savings are yours! The benefits are ongoing!

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